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?Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.?

– Winston Churchill

Thank you for visiting my blog!

My name is Angelo Sayson and I’m a full-time internet marketer. I’m 27 years old (at the time of this writing), I’m a Filipino but currently living in Japan. I’m married to my beautiful wife and we have 2 amazingly cute kids which I’m very, very proud of. 😉

I moved here in Japan when I was 17 years old after dropping out of high school. Immediately, after I arrived here, I started working at food factories and night clubs… and I had an addicting habit of switching jobs in a flash (I just couldn’t stand following a lame boss’ orders all day long). I knew deep inside from the very beginning that I didn’t want to work for somebody else. Well, who does, right? But with all the bills piling up, I didn’t have a choice.

In mid-2005 (I think it was August), I decided that it was time to make a change. I got fired from my job for always calling in sick (man, I got really good at it – LOL :-)) and it was really difficult to find jobs during that time (specially for foreigners like me) due to the economic downfall. A lot of companies all over the city were either closing down, laying off employees, or just plain didn’t need any new workers.

So one day when I was alone at my tiny studio-type apartment thinking about how crappy my life was, I decided to turn on the computer, then I went over to good ‘ol Google, and typed in the phrase “how to make money” and voila!! I just found out that there were plenty of people who really don’t have 9-5 jobs, and make a ton of money through the internet!

I got intrigued and so compelled to find out more. I thought maybe this could be my ticket to getting out of my crappy lifestyle once and for all.

So I stumbled upon a site that promised to make me earn a minimum of $3k per month income by spending only a mere $7 a month for their membership (and yes, it’s not an exaggeration – that was literally what was stated on their website) and by simply following their “amazing fool-proof system”. They called it the “7 Dollar Magic”.

It was officially my very first online venture. Now all I needed was a credit card to pay for the membership… so I immediately applied for a few of them. Unfortunately, all of my credit card applications were not approved because 1) I’m a foreigner without a job and 2) I was 19 years old back then and for some reason, credit card companies seemed to have a hard time trusting me.

So what I did was I borrowed my girlfriend’s (now ex) credit card, paid the $7 fee to get into the membership and then I immediately went ahead and start recruiting some of my family and close friends (as per their instructions). Familiar story, huh?

A month had passed yet I didn’t make a freaking cent! And it didn’t last long before their site was finally taken down. Well, it turned out that the owners of the site were a bunch of professional scammers. They took people’s hard-earned money then closes shop, and then do it all over again with a brand-new website. Yes, I know – heartless, evil bastards!!

But luckily, I’m not the type of person who easily give up.

I had that burning desire to become successful.

There has to be a way and I was willing to sacrifice everything to make it happen!

I would search for other business opportunities online and I would jump in with both feet without thinking carefully as soon as I find something that looks very appealing to me. As a result of my dumbass decisions, I ended up spending nearly $6k (which I didn’t have) within 2 months without making back a single penny.

Long story short, I jumped from opportunity to opportunity like a dog chasing its own tail for years until I stumbled on a well-known money-making method called list building!

For some of you who don’t know, here is what list building means in layman’s terms:

The process of gathering names and addresses and compiling them into a database for direct marketing purposes (e.g. email marketing).

In the online world, it simply means to put an opt-in form somewhere on your site where you can collect names and email addresses of your visitors just like what you saw popped up when you first arrived here in my blog.

The idea is to collect emails and provide value in a form of quality content that the audience would like (i.e. blog posts, video tutorials, tools and resources, etc.) and then selling them relevant products that they may be interested in and would find valuable. The products can be your own or someone else’s (thus the term affiliate marketing). Of course, you should only promote products that you really believe in. Products that you have used yourself and could solve problems that your readers may have.

So that’s what I basically did. I took a leap of faith, did everything I could to learn the ropes of this internet marketing game and took massive action. That’s when it started to finally click for me!

I have to admit though… what I had been through was far from being easy. I didn’t wake up one day and found myself making 5-figures a month all of a sudden.

I had to work my butt off day in and day out creating my own sales funnels and driving traffic to my websites. I did everything all by myself because I didn’t know a thing about outsourcing back then – and even if I did, I didn’t have the money to hire staff. There were times when I got stuck into something and spent literally weeks figuring out a single problem.

I also had some ideas that I thought were great, but then after so many sleepless nights working on it, outright flopped. And then there were countless times when I doubted myself – wondering if I was doing the right thing.

But nothing would stop me.

After a few years of frustrations, failures and thousands of hours in front of the computer with nothing to show for it, the time finally came when I got to put all the pieces together (this was June of 2011) and the rest was history!

?The person who gets the farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. The sure-thing boat never gets far from shore.?

– Dale Carnegie

Here I am now, typing this post from my home office in my pajamas. NO alarm clocks, NO early wake-ups, NO commutes, NO uniforms and NO damn bosses! I could work wherever I want with my laptop, and whenever I choose to. Boy, I love every single minute of it!

I think that’s EXACTLY what this whole online marketing thing is all about…

It’s not just about the money. But it’s about the freedom and the kind of lifestyle that it can provide! Nothing beats being with your family 24/7 without having to worry where your next meal will come from.

Life is really short it’s a sin not to make the best out of it!

I’m not telling you all this to brag or to impress on you… I’m just saying this to impress upon you that you can do whatever it is that you put your mind into. Success is just around the corner for those who have a burning desire to make things happen.

Yes, it will not be easy. Yes, you will have haters. Some people won’t be happy about your decision, some will tell you to quit and go find a normal job. Some will talk behind your back and say harsh things like you’re crazy for chasing your own dreams. Heck, sometimes they would even be your own family. But don’t mind them. They just refuse to acknowledge the fact that you’re getting ahead of them… that you’re refusing to settle for mediocrity and that they don’t have the guts to get out of their comfort zone and do the same thing. Believe me when I tell you some of those haters would be the same people who will be asking you how you did it when you become successful.

I know all this may sound clich? but never give up on your dreams. Always be learning and taking massive action. Persistency is key. When you do that there’s no way in hell you’re not going to succeed.


?Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.?

– George S. Patton


Your friend,

Angelo Sayson

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