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STOP Being A Newbie – Get Out The Information Loop!

by Angelo Sayson

This is something I saw being discussed today by some Internet Marketers.

It?s regarding the moment you realize that you know enough!

A lot of people get into a trap or ?loop? of buying every shiny object or course looking for the magic formula to success.

I honestly believe some of it stems from laziness. We think this making money online stuff should be easy? So we search in vain for the easy formula – which is why I think most newbies fall into the trap of buying the latest 3-clicks-to-internet-riches products on Clickbank.

Until that day we realize the true formula is never easy and that we already know how to be a success online.

I?ve seen people who have spent tens and thousands of dollars looking for the magic formula. But they never find it. Why? The answer is simple… because there isn?t one. Or when one emerges it doesn?t last long; the market becomes saturated with people running after the opportunity and overnight the opportunity loses its effectiveness.

That?s why I think it is so important to hang out in forums, read all the free stuff out there and then simply choose a path that is suited to YOU. After you?ve decided what path is best, then maybe buy a few training courses related to that path? But commit to it and don?t be distracted because you see everyone else running to the ?New Big Thing?.

Everyone?s going to be selling you something. All of them will convince you it?s the next best thing, but they are just SELLING something.

I?m not saying don?t buy anything. I am saying focus on a specific area and get to work. Roll up your sleeves and TAKE MASSIVE ACTION! Don?t get bogged down by purchasing every new thing that comes along? Because this will never stop. Not today, and definitely not 10 years from now. There will always be new products to Google over?

You need to know when to stop. It?s a bit of an addiction, but admitting you have a problem is the first step 🙂

Start putting your money into your business instead of info products. Last month alone I spent approximately $1,800 buying solo ads. But I don’t regret it because I’ve brought thousands of new subscribers into my mailing lists / sales funnels which I can make lots of money from for years and years to come. So take a look at what you have. Take a look at yourself and make a decision to start acting!

Stop thinking like a prospect and start thinking like a marketer. Start today!

Your Partner In Success,

Angelo Sayson

About the author

Angelo Sayson

Angelo Sayson is a highly successful affiliate marketing expert & mentor. He loves helping people from newbies to experienced marketers build, grow & sustain a thriving affiliate business and live the internet freedom lifestyle.

  • Very Valuable advice my friend. For me you hit the nail right on the head (I was/am a homebuilder lol) I have purchased everything in sight trying to gain an education in making money online. I am certain I now know “enough” it is time to, just like you stated Take massive action!
    God bless brother

  • Hi Angelo,

    A very good post indeed. Sadly so many newbies today come online looking for an answer to their money problems, and they get bombarded with the latest one click solution which obviously never works.

    Remember, if you truly wish to succeed with internet marketing, then you need focus, determination, and a mentor. That way you will avoid the ptifalls that every other newbie falls into.

    Keep up the good work my friend,

    Paul Power.

  • Your sooo right. Great information. I can only hope new marketers will take heed to what you say. Information overload will paralyze someone and they’ll never take action. Then they walk away feeling like it’s not reality to make a full time living online. Too much of that has given this niche a black-eye already… most new customers think that all the info products are bogus because they don’t put time into mastering one of the skills like you have stated.

  • Agree with you 100%. There does come a time when one says enough is enough. I’ve learned what I need to learn a few times over! Even so there is nothing like a good blog post to help keep your thoughts in perspective. Thanks Angelo

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