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You see, this online business is SIMPLY AMAZING!

You can go on holidays and travel anywhere you wish to and still be able to make life changing money even when you’re NOT doing any work.

Yes, that’s right!

Once you have these online cash machines (aka “sales funnels”) already setup for you to generate online sales, the system works for you on complete autopilot so you can still make money on holidays – and even when you SLEEP!

These past few days, I was away from my computer, checked in to a 5-star hotel with my family, and watched some incredible fireworks display on a seaside here in Tokyo Bay, Japan. We actually just got back yesterday… and while I was at the hotel, this eWallet notification came in to my inbox from Empower Network…

Empower Network Income Proof (08.07.2013)

That’s $3,149.57 for a one week commission… (from ONE income stream of mine)

You see, I’m not showing this to brag or anything like that.

I just want to point out that I TRULY BELIEVE that there’s a much better life out there that’s waiting for everyone of us.

Success is there for the taking and every single person deserves to live the kind of lifestyle that they truly desire.

The question is… are you ready to step up and create your own results? If so, work with me directly by getting started at http://JoinAngelo.com

I’m going to take you under my wing and help you reach success with YOUR OWN Internet marketing business as well.

You’re more powerful than you think you are.

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Paulo Barroso Story (My Personal Review)

Everyone Has A WHY?

What is your why?

Why do you do the things you do..?

Paulo Barroso had a strong WHY… he wanted to change his life and his financial future.

Find out more about how he raised from his financial struggles, quit his job, and went on to make a 6 monthly figure online with Empower Network and Big Idea Mastermind working entirely from home on his laptop.

There is Never a Better Time to
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12 Year Old Kid Makes $12,000 With Empower Network Through Blogging (My Personal Review)

Watch as this 12 year old kid from Holland makes $12,000 with Empower Network in just a short 3 months through blogging! This is what’s possible when you stop making excuses and start taking massive action.

This kid now owns his own Internet marketing home based business working from the comfort of his home.

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DISCLAIMER: Results Vary. This does NOT guarantee you will make the same amount of income because I don’t know your work ethics or if you’re going to take massive action and really follow what we teach.

Vick Strizheus – Super Human Affiliate Makes $700,000 in 28 Days with Empower Network

In this video, I want to tell you a short story about how Vick Strizheus, the Big Idea Mastermind (BIM) founder, defies all odds and makes over $700,000 USD during his first 28 days with Empower Network.

The beautiful thing about the Vick Strizheus story is how Vick just kind of came from nowhere, in the middle of the holidays, and broke all of the barriers people thought were there, and set new all time records in the Empower Network.

The same thing happened a few months earlier when Mack Zidan came flying out of nowhere like a superhero and broke all of the records.

We are still a baby…

There are some crazy people out there that think Empower is saturated. What they need to realize is that it is literally JUST getting started. The stage that the company is right now is actually when a lot of the players will look at it for the first time.

A lot of the big movers and shakers in this industry won’t touch a start-up company and risk putting their name on something that can tank.

That is why Vick stayed on the sidelines and watched for almost a year.

It is likely that the richest affiliate the Empower Network will ever see, hasn’t even joined yet. They might not for YEARS yet to come. I know another guy just joined that put in over 200 people in a day.

Anyone that is on the sidelines, “Still wondering if it works…”

Get off the sidelines, take action and get started.

The model is proven.

The players are coming.

It is time for YOU.

Several weeks ago now I talked about how the Empower Network was literally BORN at the “Release Your Inner Badass” event in Austin, Texas. Honestly guys, before that, it was just a baby growing in the womb.

It is still an infant.

There is Never a Better Time to
Take Action than Now!

Isn’t it about time that we heard YOUR story?

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Miles Segers – From $0 to $15,000 in 3 Weeks with Big Idea Mastermind

In this video, I want to tell you a short story about how Miles Segers, a total Internet marketing newbie defies all odds and makes $15,000 USD during his first 3 weeks with Big Idea Mastermind (Empower Network).

Enjoy! ;)


For more info about Big Idea Mastermind – you can check it out at http://KillYourJob.tv

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VIDEO: 5 Killer Tips To Increase Your Squeeze Page Optin Rates


Watch this video where I go on the details about how to increase your squeeze page optin rates by at least 8% using some simple, yet highly effective methods that I’m about to share with you…



  1. Open up your squeeze page using an HTML editor.
  2. In the HTML source code, paste this: <? echo $_GET['name']; ?> where you want your ad swap partner’s name to appear in your squeeze page. Here is an example…

    <p align=”center”>Special Offer For Friends Of <? echo $_GET['name']; ?>!</p>

  3. Save your page.
  4. Upload your squeeze page to your server through an FTP software.
  5. Open your squeeze page URL through your browser (ex. http://www.profitsgrab.com/20NewbieVideos/go.php)… and simply add the following at the end of your URL: ?name=Your+Name (where “Your” and “Name” should be your traffic source’s name (ex. http://www.profitsgrab.com/20NewbiVideos/go.php?name=Angelo+Sayson)

I hope you liked this video! If you do, please help me spread the word by “liking” this video or “sharing” this post on your Twitter profiles.

If you have any comments/suggestions, please comment below :)

The Problem With Newbies… (Video)

The problem with newbie internet marketers...

Internet marketing newbies are those who form the largest portion of those who fail to make a living on the internet.

This video is to help newbies not only survive but succeed and ultimately make a living online.

Please watch the video (21 min long) and let me know about your thoughts by posting your comments below. If you have any questions that you want me to answer in my next video, post them below as well.

Is Internet Marketing A Saturated Niche?

internet marketing a saturated niche?

The World Wide Web is always changing, and new things are being created that gives you an opportunity to break out onto the Internet marketing scene with a unique product that sells well despite the number of competitors in that niche.

You may also want to consider staying away from the Internet marketing niche and paving a path in another niche, such as dog care, parenting, or financial advice.  As long as there is traffic and interest, then a niche can be profitable.

What often happens is that the newbie ‘net marketer has a specialty in an area outside of Internet marketing, and once they launch a highly successful information product on it, they write a “tell-all” eBook showing other Internet marketers how to do what they did.

There’s really no way for a niche to become fully saturated.  As long as there is continued interest, there’s always a way to come up with a new slant for an old idea.  Print publications do this all the time. Whenever a writer submits a story to a magazine, they have to take an old idea and convince an editor they can write about it in a fresh manner.

Many Internet marketers routinely try to convince others that their niche is, indeed saturated.  Why would they do this?  It’s because they don’t want the competition from you.

To determine if a niche is truly saturated, or better yet, if you have a shot at success, visit third party product sites such as ClickBank and see how many products are available for the idea you have as an Internet marketer.

If you see twenty eBooks on affiliate marketing, ask yourself, “Could I come up with a unique slant or a better way of doing things?”  Sometimes all it takes is having verifiable proof of your own success to position you as an expert in a particular niche.  It can’t hurt to give it a try – and you may find that you edge out all of your competitors for the sheer fact that the consumers want someone new to take the reins and spoon-feed them their information.

4 Tips For Creating Profitable One Time Offers


When most internet marketers think of earning money online with infoproducts, they think about the money they’ll make from selling their first product (report, ebook, software, audio, or video package).

However, while the sales that are made on the front end are very nice, you can dramatically increase your income by making additional offers during the check out process – which is known as the backend.

A one time offer (OTO), is an upsell or larger package that the buyer will have the opportunity to buy while purchasing your original product. They will have one chance to buy something at a discounted or special price. If they don’t buy at that moment, it will not be offered again.

Creating one time offers is a smart and effective strategy that allows you to offer your customers additional products, and increase your revenue in the process and here are 4 tips for crafting your own profit-pulling one time offer.

Tip #1: Decide on the Format of Your One Time Offer

The first step is obviously choosing what to offer your customer in addition to the initial product that they’re purchasing.

Think about what would best serve and entice your buyer. Oftentimes it may be more of what they are already purchasing, or a complementary resource.

Here are some ideas:

  • People learn in different ways. Because of this, you might offer something like a video or audio edition of the product they just bought.
  • Checklists, worksheets, and tools to enhance the results of the product they are buying are also popular.
  • Coaching, whether group or in a one-on-one fashion, can certainly get people excited about learning more, too.
  • A bundle of products, or discounts for buying products now that will be released in the future.
  • Perhaps offering additional rights to the product that they are purchasing – for instance resale rights or private label rights may entice your customer to spend more money, too.

Tip #2: Make Sure the Offer is Relevant and of Interest

Though your upsell offer may be a steal at a great price, you must always make sure that is relevant to your original offer and would be of interest to your potential buyer. Consider your target market and make sure that what you are offering would enhance or add to the offer they have just purchased.

For instance, you wouldn’t offer a golf ebook as an upsell to a depression guide. It just wouldn’t make sense. Both may be great products but neither relates to each other which will confuse and frustrate your potential customer.

The upsell should directly help your customer to succeed with the initial product.

Explain to the buyer that the additional resources in the one time offer will enhance their understanding and therefore give them better results than they would get with just the single product alone.

Tip #3: Set Up Your OTO Properly

There is no better way to destroy your credibility than by saying that you have a “one time offer” but then offering it all over the internet.  While many internet marketers have become hardened to this sort of thing, there are those in other niches who would be disappointed if you are caught going back on your word. That trust can oftentimes not be regained at any price.

How do you set up the offer? You can use a  software or a script that will truly make your OTO appear one time only. Or just ensure that the OTO only shows during the order process and is not available anywhere else.

This will create the true scarcity you need to make sales and always maintain the trust of your audience.

Tip #4: Don’t Over-Do it and Appear Greedy

Sometimes marketers start to get greedy by offering several one time offers back to back to back attached to the purchase of the original offer. By the time the person has clicked through pages of additional sales pitches, they may begin to feel like what they originally bought has lost its value.

While one (possibly two) one time offers can work wonders for your profits, you might find that the more of these you offer in sequence, the more disenchanted people can become, not only with your products, but with you as a person. Your sole purpose is to keep your customers happy so they’ll come back over and over. If you destroy the relationship by getting too greedy you won’t be as successful in the long run and will lose customers quickly.

Creating one time offers is an excellent strategy that can greatly increase your profits. Create a compelling offer that will be hard to turn down. Make sure it is a true one time offer, and that you don’t have too many sales pitches that give your customers a bad impression of you. By following this advice, you can increase your profits by 50% or more.

SIDENOTE: If you’re marketing inside the internet marketing niche, I have created a tried and tested ready-made one time offer that I’ve been using with much success for over 6 months now, and you can use it as your own one time offer too by getting it here (link opens in a new window).

Aaron Danker’s My Monthly Membership Review – Scam Or Not? Truth Revealed…


Aaron Danker's My Monthly Membership Review

I just purchased a copy of Aaron Danker’s My Monthy Membership so I could do a review of it here.

I’m sure you’re already aware that membership sites present a lucrative opportunity for any online marketer. There are a lot of ‘turnkey’ sites available but which ones can you really rely on and which ones really perform?

First and foremost I’d like to say that I’m a big fan of Aaron’s work. He consistently brings out quality products and I’ve never been dissatisfied with the quality of the work. So when he announced a release of a turnkey membership site it certainly raised an eye-brow.

First impressions?

You’ll be hit with a fancy looking sales page but what I’m really interested is what the product does and how it performs.

Aaron makes it very clear with what you’re getting and provides screenshots of the very sales page you’ll be using to promote your membership site. It’s detailed, lengthy, nicely illustrated and comes with a promo video for better conversions. When I looked closely at the site, I noticed that he even went through the trouble of getting real testimonials done for us. This is a great plus because most turnkey sites do not come with this.

What else is included?


On top of that you’ll receive prepared emails to send to your members every month as well as 55 pre-written emails for people who only sign up to your list. I thought 55 emails was a little overkill but after going through each email and looking at the overall picture I can see that Aaron really wants us to generate as many members as possible – this includes turning freebie seekers into paying members!

As for the content, there are 20 weeks worth of training videos, audio, transcripts and power point presentations in the membership. The idea is you deliver 1 new module every week to your member so that after 20 weeks (5 months) you will have received 5 membership payments.

Is this membership profitable?… Let’s do some maths.

The ideal price for your membership is $27. I believe that there is enough content delivered to the end user for them to remain a member. So you’re looking at $27 x 5 = $135 per member over the span of 5 months. Not bad.

I imagine people with well kept mailing lists will have no trouble turning this into a multiple $1000/m earner.

Could it be improved?…

I’m in the middle of setting up my site now and look forward to promoting it and setting up my first (decent) membership site. Although there are pricing restrictions as to how much you can sell membership access for ($7/month last time I checked), I rather be the one to add more content into the site to keep my members extremely happy.

The second module is on product creation which I could quite easily pair up with PLR material to help my member progress to speed up their content creation.

In the list building module (fourth module), I intend to provide them with squeeze page templates and newsletter emails to help get them started.

I could pretty much add more value to each module to ensure that my members are happy thorugh and through. The average marketer probably won’t go through this but for me it’s worth it if you want to seperate yourself from the rest.

What about ease of setup?…

As he states on his site… “You WILL NOT have to organize the contents of the membership or sort out the files or directory structure because I’ve done that all for you. The way you download and extract the membership site, is exactly the same way you’ll be uploading it!”

This really appeals to me because I don’t like buying products especially resell rights products and then finding out that I still have to link up every single file.

Aaron did a great job preparing the files so that I could unzip the minisite, place the membership content into the files folder and then upload everything to my server.

Just a few little edits on the sales page like name, email, payment button etc was needed, but overall installation was a breeze and can be done within the hour.


Certainly. If you’re looking for something quick and easy to setup this week and don’t want to be bogged down with product creation yourself, then this is a great little product to go for. I recently asked Aaron if I could changed the graphics and he had no problems with it – in fact he encouraged it.

Overall a 9/10 – a great product provided by a great designer. You should be able to make your money back with 1 member!

Make sure you land on the discount page – this membership business is currently selling for $197 elsewhere but you’ll be able to pick this up at a fraction of the price.

Click here to continue >>